Top 10 Courses For Project Management Online Certification

Learning project management can improve your company significantly and improve your career. There are many courses for project management online certification.

Project management is able to formulate and execute a strategy in order to accomplish particular targets within a defined time and budget. Managers and managers with these skills can coordinate teams, effectively employ resources and achieve their goals.

The 10 courses below are courses we have found with the best reviews in project management

Results-Based Project Management: Monitoring and Evaluation

You can learn the fundamentals of project management based on performance in this course. Following an introduction of the outcomes process and its related success metrics, you can discover the main facts for management decision-making in tracking processes and assessments. The course, established in collaboration with CLEAR English-speaking Africa, builds on the expertise obtained by the development activities of centers for the development of evidentiary structures across Africa. 

Organization: University of the Witwatersrand via edX

Price:  $199 


Associate in Project Management

A national, non-profit qualification associations that provide certificates through a range of Their specialties are the Global Quality Management Association (GAQM), which oversees the Project Management Associate (APM), and a Project Management Specialist and Accredited Project Management Certification (Pmanager Certified). The GAQM project management certifications are based on a wide spectrum of expertise and stress an efficient deployment of resources, consistent instructions, adaptability to change, effective communication and low risk quality assurance. The APM program is intended for project managers at the entry level or for those who wish to begin their career in the field.

Organization: Global Association for Quality Management

Price: $300


Planning for Monitoring and Evaluation.

How are you to assess the progress of your project? This course lets you answer this issue by incorporating the concepts of tracking and assessment (M&E). In this course, you learn how good initiatives schedule, organize, evaluate and use data collection. You will build an M&E schedule for your own project while you complete the course assignments.


Organization: Philanthropy University and fhi360 via Independent

Price:  Free


Effective Communication for Program and Project Stakeholders and Teams

In this training, you will hear about the triad of comprehension - awareness, expertise and why. The Triad Understanding allows you to have the best interpretation for all your listeners. The Triad understanding makes you more successful program manager, conventional project manager and agile project manager. Certified software and licensed project managers benefit 10 PDUs, as they understand how contact can affect each relationship, and become a true program or project manager. In this credential program, you can obtain Project Management Online Certification. 

Organization: University System of Maryland and University of Maryland, College Park via edX

Price:  Free


Fundamentals of Project Management

This course will expose you to the practice of social impact project management. You learn realistic, field-tested project management skills and learn useful techniques for project management. Project managers from around the world are also going to learn about social impact topics where they share how they respond to their work's unexpected problems.

Organization: Philanthropy University via Independent

Price: Free


Project Management & Other Tools for Career Development Specialization

This intensive and hands-on series of courses gives you a blend of skills from project management. Successful projects require careful upfront planning. In this specialization, you will gain a strong working knowledge of the basics of project management. You’ll learn the key roles and responsibilities of the project manager and project team and to answer some key questions upfront to help you meet project objectives, as well as managing project risk.

Additionally, this specialization will train you in essential career success skills that have become indispensable, like business writing, negotiation and effective problem-solving. Thus, in addition to introducing you to project management, this specialization will help you build, develop and hone the essential skills needed to improve your employability and advancement in today’s dynamic workforce, giving you a complete, comprehensive skill set.

Organization: University of California, Irvine via coursera

Price : Free


Six Sigma Yellow Belt Specialization

In this course, you will learn well-established six signma and lean concepts and tools. The specialty is a series, sequential style, covering the introductory level of Six Sigma and Lean (on the "yellow belt" level). Awareness of Yellow Belt is required before the Green Belt progresses (which is a second specialization offered here on Coursera by the USG). Before you switch to a black belt, green belt experience is mandatory. It should be remembered that the student's "professional accreditation" in Six Sigma would not receive the Yellow Belt or the Green Belt specializations. Effective completion will however help to plan for the accreditation test.

Organization: University of Georgia Via courser

Price: Free


ICPM Certified Supervisor Professional Project Management Certificate

Completing the Certified Technical Supervisor Credential allows to fulfill the qualification certificate for ICPM Certified Supervisor. The CS certification is built from scratch to test your expertise in many main fields and to demonstrate that you are a supervisor for others Each preparation requires a written task requiring students to bring their experience during each course into effect. If projects are effective, basic knowledge of the subjects discussed and the opportunity to apply these topics to the real world would be important. The goal of each project is to decide whether students understand and can use course concepts in a real environment.

Organization: Institute Of certified Professional Manager

Price: Free


Fundamentals of Project Planning and Management

This is an initial course on the main principles of project design and execution. We can define and understand how to prepare, assess and execute projects, which leads to project achievements. Apprentices will be introduced to the new techniques and to the complexities of different types of projects.

As a  Project Management Institute (PMI®) Registered Education Provider, the University of Virginia Darden School of Business (Provider #2122) has been approved by PMI to issue 12 professional development units (PDUs) for this course, which focuses on core competencies recognized by PMI. (Course ID: FPM141, PDU Claim Code: 21228LCBDX).


Organization: University of Virginia

Price: Free


Certified ScrumMaster (CSM)

The use of agile methodologies has become commonplace, and it is therefore not shocking that specially trained IT practitioners are widely demanded in agile environments to handle projects. The Certified ScrumMaster (CSM) from Scrum Alliance is a perfect starting off point for project managers to start off as Scrum professionals, while separate certifications are required for Scrum Master. Scrum Alliance is a non-profit organisation which supports the implementation of Scrum and agile practices and facilitates user groups, and provides tools for professional development. The Scrum Alliance offers these credentials. More than 450,000 accredited professionals are present in this organisation globally.

Organization: The Scrum Alliance

Price: Varies by training provider, but approximately $995 to $1,395


Project Management in IT Security (PMITS)

The EC-Council’s Project Management in IT Security (PMITS) explores the complexities of managing an IT security project. The credential helps applicants improve their current project management expertise and tailors them to address the specific needs of their organisations to enforce and maintain IT security.

Organization: EC-Council

Price: $250 (PMITS courseware)



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